All About Sports Theme Wet Dry Combo

What Is Inflatable Combo?

The term combo is an acronym for combination, which signifies combining multiple things. A bouncy castle and an inflatable slide are combined into one inflatable jumping house to create an inflatable combo, a form of inflatable manufactured product. Water slides and obstacles are added in inflatable combos. The inflatable combo is nearly similar to a bouncy house with a wet/dry slide. It can be categorized into a variety like Dry combo, wet combo, or dry-wet combo.

Heart Inflatable is a professional manufacturer and supplier of inflatable products. We manufacture inflatable combos in various designs and shapes. Sports Theme Wet Dry Combo is one of our best inflatable combos.

Product Structure

As evidenced by its name it is a wet and dry combo. It consists of a two-lane slide and a bouncing house with many other features such as a basketball hoop and pop-up. Its dimensions are 30ft x 13ft x 13ft. It features a normal bounce with a basketball hoop inside and a pop-up with inside printing in accordance with the theme of the product. It can be closed with a zipper or netting. To stop the child from falling out, a netting and ropes are used to block the entrance. It is simple to close the zipper. It features strong straps.

The strengthened strap has four layers of internal stitching to improve and maintain the connection, which connects all of the PVC. The width of the Bottom Bed & Platform is 206 cm, and its height is 47.5 cm. It is divided into 4 pieces; after being folded and secured with 2 cm on each side, the final measurement of each piece is 47.5 cm. One piece is attached to the pool or stopper. A detachable pool and stopper are also offered by us. If it is for water use, the water hook is at the side wall.


Every product is made of PVC tarpaulin, and the inside is with a PVC liner. Each product is produced of 18oz or 15oz PVC and 13oz PVC together. These slides are inflated using the electric blower. Its surfaces are made of high-quality PVC. These fabrics were sewn together by skilled producers using 9-strand wire and their thickness is 0.03 inches, which assures a long life. Its D Ring is Stainless Steel 304. The zipper used in it is of the YKK brand. We provide accessories like Air Blowers, Repair Kits, Floor Mattresses, Ground Nails, and Sandbags with the package.

Why choose us?

We(Heart Inflatables) provide good quality and honest prices products. You can get products according to your requirements. All of our slide’s height is like the USA factory’s standard. We strive to make the best and insist on providing customers with one-stop solutions and better inflatable products.